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Frulexxo,import export de fruits et légumes: qualité - choix - confiance

The three key points of our success are QUALITY-DIVERSITY-CONFIDENCE. To this end, Frulexxo has made agreements with independent growers which allow it to set up a complete range of fresh fruit and vegetables.
It also tracks its work, both normative and technical, in accordance with Global GAP and IFS certification.

Three major companies stand out among our suppliers:

Domexport produces, from Agadir and Casablanca, fruits such as Charentais melon and citrus fruits such as Afourer Nadorcott tangerine (chosen flavor of the year from 2010 to 2014)

AMCAS Affiliated to the Domexport group, Frulexxo offers, from Agadir, a complete range of tomatoes (bulk, branch, cocktail...)

SOYAPRIM is an exclusive partner of Frulexxo, its cooperative located in Temara is specialized in green beans, both flat and Bobby, under the brand name YAMAMA.

To facilitate the management of our products, we can carry out an invoicing at origin and a supply from place A to place C.

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